Sedge Mats


Our hand woven sedge mats are a versatile product made using traditional methods. They are comfortable to walk on and easy to sweep or vacuum clean. Available in a range of sizes and colours, we can even have mats custom made to your specific requirements. Simply contact uswith your enquiry.

Our hand woven sedge mats are produced by developing communities in Cambodia.

Once common in South East Asia, the complex traditional method of weaving sedge mats has vanished in most parts of Asia. In Cambodia, however, the technique has been preserved and is still widely applied.

The production process of high quality sedge mats involves considerable preparation.

The sedge (Cyperus iria) is cultivated by sedge farmers or by the weavers themselves.


After harvesting the sedge must be sorted, sliced, dried, dyed and finally woven. All of this work is carried out by hand and mainly by women. The weaving itself is done by two women per loom. The edge of the mat is knotted and bordered with fabric in different styles and colours.

The Interior Trading Company is working closely with these communities to support this sustainable development which provides a livelihood for many women and their families.


Casual Range – Flow Design

blue batik

Casual Range – Blue Batik Design

sedge mat cream

Sedge Mat – Cream

sedge mat black

Sedge Mat – Black

sedge mat beige

Sedge Mat – Beige

sedge mat desert

Sedge Mat – Desert Range

bay blue

Kidz Collection – Bay Blue


Kidz Collection – Candystripe

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